Englisch Theater

The Fame Game

Die 3. Und 4. Klassen besuchten am 30. Mai eine Vorstellung des Vienna’s English Theatre: „The Fame Game“. Nach nur mäßiger Begeisterung beim Lesen des Skripts, war die Begeisterung  der Schüler und Schülerinnen nach dem Live-Erlebnis  jedoch deutlich spürbar.

Die Kommentare der 3b

The Fame Game was really funny and all the children were laughing.       (Sina)

It was excellent.      (Eray)

It tells us that we never should tell lies to get famous.         (Annika)

Two teenagers want to be a star. They have a casting and they must sing.             (Laurin)

At first I thought that the play was not good but it was awsome.        (Elias)

I talked to Davy after the play.        (Niklas)

The Fame Game was very funny and the actors and actresses played well.          (Julia)


Das meint die 4b

It was a modern play about two teenagers who want to be stars.         (Nina M.)

There were four young actors, two girls and two boys and they acted really well.            (Carmen)

The actors were very good singers and they did a very good show.        (Franziska)

They sang very well and they also danced very well.           (Monalisa)

It was really fun to watch it.         (Elias)

I liked the way the actors acted. The actress that acted as Krystal was the one I liked best.        (Olivia)

The best performance, I think, was when Krystal sang „Rolling in the deep“.

The actors picked some of the people in the audience to come with them on stage. Leon from our class was one of them. They had to sing. This was the funniest part.