Schulleben 2014/15: Highlights

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English Theatre

Am 8.Juni gastierte das Vienna English Theatre in Götzis Am Bach. Die 3. und 4. Klassen besuchten gemeinsam diese Vorstellung von Spooked. Hier nun eine Zusammenfassung des Stücks und Schülerkommentare:

Spooked is a story about an American family who buys a building called: „Canterville Hall.“ They don’t know that it is a haunted house. The family consists of Washington who likes playing on his mobile phone, Virginia who likes magical and historical things and Mrs Otis, the business lady with too little fantasy. The ghost, who tries to drive the family out of his house, is called Sir Simon. He has killed his wife because he was too jealous. But she put a spell on him. Somebody has to find out the riddle, find the key and bury his bones under a tree. Virginia and Washington are able to help him, but the real thing which saves him is Mrs Otis’ fantasy.                                                                                            Vanessa, 3a

I liked the play because there were really good actors and it was funny. Washington was the best. I think it was so cool when some students had to translate for the actors. The play wasn’t really long, but I’m sure most people liked it. The American accent was one of the best things. I would watch it again.                        Julia, 4a

The theatre was very funny because the actors were quite nice. The best actor was Washington, he was the funniest. There was a ghost named Sir Simon de Canterville who murdered his wife. He had to haunt the house until  the following riddle was solved: Wenn sehen wird der Blinde, im verlorenen Schild den Schlüssel finde und die Wahrheit dich vom Fluch entbinde. With the help of some pupils in the audience the riddle was solved.                                                                                                      Elias und Thomas, 3b

Spooked is about a lord who has to sell his big house and an American family buys it. Later they find out that a ghost is living in it. We think it is a funny and interesting story. It was great. Vienna English Theatre we will come again.                                                                                                            Carmen and Franziska, 3b